Bell & Dorje Set Sm #2

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Bell & Dorje Set Sm #2

Potala Gate


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( NEW better quality just Arrived )Bell and Dorje set in small size. The bell and dorje (vajra) are the principal ritual implements for Tantric Buddhism. The bell is held in the left hand and the dorje in the right, and symbolize the union of wisdom and compassion. Together the bell and dorje symbolize the blessing mandala of a practitioner’s main yidam deity. 5 pointed bell and 5 pointed Dorje Style, decorated with traditional Tibetan Buddhist designs. Lovely and clear sound.

The bell is represented as the female and the Vajra as the male and together they symbolize the perfect union of wisdom or emptiness(Bell) and method of skillful means (Vajra), with the bell representing emptiness and vajra the form.

Made by Tibetan Refugees in Dehradun, India.

Size of Bell: 5.40"tall.

Size of Vajra:  3.50 long.