Dorje Nine Point Small #18

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Dorje Nine Point Small #18



Dorje also known as Vajra in Sanskrit is a representation of Buddha's Wisdom mind.  Vajra are also used during empowerments. Usually needs two Vajras, one for the Mandala which is tied to the Sung-Tak with five colored cord and the second one for the Vajra Master. Sanskrit word vajra or Dorje in tibetan is defined as "diamond" or "adamantine". As such, the word vajra sometimes signifies enlightenment, or the absolute reality of shunyata, emptiness. Dorje offers protection and envokes blessings.

The nine spoked vajra, the upper spokes symbolize the Buddhas of the five families and the four mothers, one between each of the Buddhas. The lower spokes represent the five wisdoms and the four immeasurable wishes of love, compassion, equanimity and joy.

The sea-monster's mouth from which each spoke emerges represents freedom from cyclic existence. Of the two lotuses at the hub of the vajra, the upper one symbolizes the eight Bodhisattvas, and the lower one, the eight goddesses. Paired with a bell the vajra represents method or compassion.

Size: 4.25" tall.