Green Tara Statue New Style

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Colorful Green Tara Statue. SALE


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Green Tara statue in one of the new style with beautiful color. Made in the tradition of lost wax method with colorful painting in Patan, Nepal. Fine quality painted face and double lotus. Tara is known as the mother of all the Buddha. 

Green Tara  represents wisdom, the essential element needed to remove the ignorance that misconstrues reality and is the root of all our suffering. Women tend to have quick, intuitive, and comprehensive understanding. Tara represents this quality and consequently can help us to develop such wisdom.

Mantra of Green Tara: Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha!

Opens from the bottom to fill the consecration. 

Height: 9" tall

Width: 6.30

Deep: 4.5"