Amoghasiddhi Buddha #22

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Amoghasiddhi Buddha #22



Amoghasiddhi is one of the Dyani Buddha and his name means He Whose Accomplishment is not in Vain. In the "Bardo Thodol" -- the "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" -- Amoghasiddhi Buddha appears to represent the accomplishment of all action. His name means 'Infalliable Success" and his consort is the well-known Green Tara, in the 'Noble Deliverer.'

Amoghasiddhi Buddha reigns in the North and is associated with the fourth skandha, volition or mental formations. This can also be interpreted as impulses, which is strongly associated with action. Meditation on Amoghasiddhi Buddha vanquishes envy and jealousy, two often impulsive actions. 

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