Buddha Statues:

These traditional Buddhist statues are very beneficial for visualizing the perfect qualities we aspire to attain in our meditation practice. While there are many styles and qualities of these sacred objects, the blessings are the same. The pure-hearted motivation of every practitioner to bring benefit to others is enhanced by meditating on these blessing qualities imbued in these images. Potala Gate offers a wide range of Buddha statues for new and advanced practitioners. Statues come in various sizes and may be placed in small, medium or big shrines. 

All of the statues we carry were hand crafted using the traditional lost wax sculpting method in Nepal.

The lost wax method, also known as the "cire perdue" technique, is a traditional method used to create metal sculptures, including Buddha statues, in Nepal and other regions. Here's how the process generally works:

The lost wax method allows for the creation of highly detailed and intricate metal sculptures, making it well-suited for crafting sacred objects like Buddha statues with reverence and precision.

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