Phurba & Base


According to Robert Beer's Book: Phurba is a ritual dagger. The triple bladed ritual dagger essentially symbolizes the powerful Buddha-activity of  the wrathful deity Vajrakilaya, whose meditational practice is particularly effective for annihilating all obstructions. As a ritual dagger the phurba is usually made of iron, although specific woods or bone are prescribed for certain ritual activities. the dark-blue color of an iron phurba symbolizes its meteoric or indestructible vajra-nature. Flames may be depicted emanating along the edges of its three-sides blade, as the dagger is said to "blaze with fire when it is stabbed towards the ten directions". 

Here in Potala Gate we carry a great selection of Phurba that are made out of Iron and handmade. Some of our Phurbas comes from Nepal and mostly from India which are made by Tibetan families in northern India. 

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