Lovely Silver Butter lamp #15

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Lovely Silver Butter lamp #15

Potala Gate

SKU: Silver

Pure silver Butter Lamp hand carved with detail engraving in Nepal. Butter lamp holder is known as Cho-Kong in Tibetan and the butter lamp itself is known as Cho-Mey.

A silver butter lamp is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist ritual item used for offering light as a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment. Its typically made of silver and filled with butter or oil, with a wick placed in the center to be lit during ceremonies or meditation practices. The light from the lamp represents the dispelling of ignorance and the illumination of the path to enlightenment. 

The offering of a single butter lamp symbolizes not only the celebration of Buddha's enlightenment but also dispels the darkness of ignorance that obscures the mind's true nature to place oneself and all beings to the primordial state of Buddha.   

By the merit of this lamp offering, may all sentient beings be guided to the state of full Enlightenment.

This is a beautiful Butter lamp and great price.

Height: 3.65"

Top width: 2.65" dia

Bottom width: 1.75" dia