Vajra for Empowernment #19

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Vajra for Empowernment #19

Potala Gate

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 This Vajra is to be used during empowerments. Usually needs two Vajras, one for the Mandala which is tied to the Sung-Tak with five colored cord and the second one for the Vajra Master. Sanskrit word vajra or Dorje in tibetan is defined as "diamond" or "adamantine". As such, the word vajra sometimes signifies enlightenment, or the absolute reality of shunyata, emptiness. Dorje offers protection and envokes blessings. These different size Vajra or Dorje can also be use to replace for lost or misplaced Dorje and also for empowerment.

Five spoked vajra symbolize the five wisdoms, which are: (According to BuddhaNet)

  • The mirror like wisdom - that which reflects all sense perceptions is purified when one attains enlightenment and becomes the mirror like wisdom.
  • The wisdom of equality - arises after all the feelings of pleasantness, unpleasantness and indifference have been purified.
  • The wisdom of individual analysis - arises when the factor of discrimination, which distinguishes one object from another is purified. It enables one to benefit each sentient being according to his or her needs and disposition.
  • The wisdom of accomplishing activity - arises when the basic ability to perform acts according to particular circumstances is purified.
  • The wisdom of the sphere of reality - arises when consciousness is purified and becomes the mind that is the seed of the wisdom truth body of a Buddha. The five lower spokes symbolize the five mothers.

Vajra/Dorje comes in three different size.

Small: 3.6"

Medium: 4"

Large: 4.5"