Mandala of Sri Pa Ho - Folding Thangka #11

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Mandala of Sri Pa Ho - Folding Thangka #11

Potala Gate


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Since ancient times, pilgrims and practitioners have carried with them small representations of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to calm and focus the mind, inspiring their meditation and visualization practices with the beauty and power of enlightened wisdom.

The image is cased in durable bookcloth and gold-stamped with the Dharma wheel and deer. Next to each image is an appriopriate Dharma quotation, a prayer or a mantra. Size closed: 3×5 1/4"

Srid-Pa-Ho Protection Mandala: Transforming inner negativity, repairing the damage of destructive emotion, transmitting the blessings of the enlightened heart and awakened mind. This is skillful means, wisdom in action.