Garuda Wooden Mask in Red

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Garuda Wooden Mask in Red SALE

Potala Gate

$69.99 $95.00

Garuda mask is a traditional mask used in various cultures, particularly in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia. The Garuda is a mythical bird-like creature in Hindu and Buddhist mythology, often depicted as the mount of the god Vishnu. The masks are usually colorful and intricately designed, representing the Garuda's fierce and majestic qualities. They are often used in traditional ceremonies, dances and rituals. 

Expertly crafted with stunning gold color, the Garuda Mask adds a touch of elegance to any space. Intricately designed, this beautiful mask showcases the exquisite skill and artistry of the maker. A must-have for any collector or art enthusiast.

Handcrafted from Wood in Nepal.

Size: 12" tall X 8" wide

Only 1 Available