Large Aventurine Tumble Stone

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Large Aventurine Tumble Stone SALE

Potala Gate

$3.50 $7.00

Aventurine is a powerful ally in achieving emotional balance and fostering positive relationships.  It can help reduce stress, boost confidence, and strengthen connections with others. Tumble Stone is also believed to work wonders with your self-esteem. Each tumble stone has been tumble polished, a process that smoothes and polishes the crystal to reveal its unique color and form.

Each healing stone has its own unique energetic properties, and these will vibrate differently with different people. Remember that you will be attracted to certain healing crystals for specific reasons. Many times, it is your soul’s way of telling you that gemstone contains the physical and emotional support that your body needs.  As your life evolves and grows, the crystals you are attracted to will change as well. 

Tumbled stones are small, rounded, brightly polished pieces of rock and mineral. They are made by placing rough rocks in a machine known as a rock tumbler, which tumbles them until their edges and surfaces are smooth and polished.

Please allow for slight variations in size, shape and color as these are a natural product

Type of Stone: Green Aventurine

Birth Sign: Aries and Libra

Chakra: Heart

Size: 40 to 46mm approx

Package quantity: 3 tumble stone