Kapala:Dum-Bu Chikpa

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Kapala:Dum-Bu Chikpa

Potala Gate


Kapala or Skullcup: Dum Bu Chikpa. It is made from human skull and used as ritual implement in the Buddhist tradition. Sacred human skull kapala are used in tantric ritual to hold ceremonial offering. The word Kapala is a sanskrit term for skull which is also known as Thöpa in Tibetan, has extraordinary qualities.

This is a excellent female Kapala and the walls are thick and even. The front pillar has a Elephant tusk shape which is auspicious and the shape of the Kapala looks like Horse face which is known as one of the best shape in Kapala.

It is where the ordinary, mundane and confused world is transformed into its essential, pure nature. A rare finding.

Beautiful Color, light weight.

Only one available. 

Size approx. 3" height, 7.5" long, 5.25" wide