Tibetan Healing Bowl Med #6

Potala Gate

$72.00 $88.00

These are hand hammered bowls from West Bengal, India known for its deep spritual belief and home to many sacred Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage site. We check all our Singing bowl for there magical sound and offer our customer the best price online. Our our bowls come with beautiful two side color cushion and a leather dowel. Great for meditation and healing.Potala Gate carries authentic Singing bowl which are hand picked by Lama Jigme. 

Experience the ancient tradition of sound healing with our Tibetan Healing Bowl. Hand hammered and hand polished, this bowl produces a rich and resonant sound that promotes relaxation and restores balance to the body and mind. Let the soothing tones of this healing bowl guide you towards inner peace and wellbeing.

Size of bowl: 6" wide by 3" tall approx.

Weight of the Bowls: 1.9 lb

Size of cushion: 5" by 5".