Green Tara Mandala Sacred Art Card #5

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Green Tara Mandala Sacred Art Card #5

Mandala of Green Tara

Om Tare Turtare Ture Svaha

"Seated on a lotus at the center of the mandala, Green Tara is ever ready to respond to the suffering of beings afflicted with emotional obscurations. Arrayed around the mother of mercy are her twenty-one manifestations.

Each of the mandala's four gates are ornamented with the eight-spoked Dharma wheel attended by two deer, symbol of the Three Jewels: the Buddha teaching the Dharma to the Sangha.

Above, embracing his consort, is the Adibuddha Vajradhara, with one of the accomplished siddhas of the Vajrayana on each side.

Below from left to right, are the four lokapalas, the world gaurdian kings: Virupaksha, King of the West; Dhritarashtra, King of the East; Virudhaka, King of the South; and Vaishravana, King of the North." - back descriptions

Size: 5" × 7″