Padmasambhava Sacred Art Card #10

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Padmasambhava Sacred Art Card #10


Prayer to Padmasambhava

Hum Renowned art Though as Padmasambhava for, in the northwestern land of Odiyan, 

in the chalice of a lotus flower, thous hast the most wondrous spiritual realization. 

I pray to thee, surrounded by hosts of dakinis, to come so that I may be blessed with such realizations, 

following thy footsteps. Guru Padma Siddhi Hum.

"The Lotus-born Guru Padmasambhava radiates golden rays of light from this luminous form. In his right hand he holds a vajra, a symbol of spiritual power. In his left, he holds a skullcap filled with nectar and a vase holding the elixir of immortality. In the sky above the Great Guru is Amitabha, Buddha of Boundless Light."  -back description

Size: 5" × 7″