Sitatara Sacred Art Card #12

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Sitatara Sacred Art Card #12

Potala Gate


Sitara/White Tara

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha

"Sitara, enthroned on a pure white lotus in her celestial palace, offers gift-bestowing mercy to all sentient beings. Seven eyes enable the Great Bodhisattva to perceive the extent of suffering in the world. 

Her right hand forms the varada mudra and her left hand holds a lotus in full bloom. Tara's beauty and jeweled ornaments reflect the beauty of selfless compassion and open the hearts of beings to her healing power.

On her right is Amitayus, Buddha of infinite life, and to her left is the eight-armed, three-faced protectress Ushnishavija. Together, Sitara, Amitayus, and Ushnishavija form the triad traditionally known as the Longevity Trinity. 

Their blessings prolong the time available for working on behalf of sentient beings." -back description

Size: 5" × 7″