Vajrasattva Sacred Art Card #14

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Vajrasattva Sacred Art Card #14

Potala Gate


Vajrasattva Buddha

Om Namo Bhagavan Vajrasattva

Homage to the Blessed Vajrasattva

"Visualization of the Buddha Vajrasattva and representations of his hundred syllable mantra removes karmic obstacles and prepares the practicioner for success on the Vajrayana path. 

Vajrasattva, protector of the vows of the three yanas—Vinayana, Bodhisattva, and Vajrayana-- holds a vajra in his right-hand and a bell in his left. 

His body, lustrous and transluscent, reflects the diamond-like purity and brilliance associated with the Vajrayana teachings. Arrayed around Vajrasattva, in a style that conveys infinite and boundless replications, are Buddhas that fill all space and time." -back description

Size: 5" × 7″