Singing Bowl Mantra Mini #1

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Singing Bowl Mantra Mini #1 SALE

Potala Gate

$21.99 $28.00

These are special design Singing Bowls adorned with the Mantra of Compassion “Om Mani Padme Hung”.

By playing the Singing bowl in a clockwise direction, its benefit is equivalent to chanting the mantra of compassion. On the bottom of the bowl is Double Vajra representing the stability or foundation of the physical world and the emblem of protection to guide practitioners with their meditation.

Finally the Buddha Eye surrounded by the lotus inside the bowl represents Buddha’s pure love, compassion and guidance to find the ultimate path of enlightenment.

Special note: Blessed with sacred prayers for personal spiritual awakening and to bring benefit and happiness to all beings. Comes with cushion and dowel.

Size: 1.75" tall by 3.10" wide.