Vajra & Drikug Crossed #8

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Vajra & Drikug Crossed #8

Potala Gate


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Vajra/Dorjee and Drikug crossed for meditation. Vajra represents the Bodhisattva's compassionate activity to relieve the suffering of others. The Vajra or Dorje is the quintessential symbol of the indestructible path of Vajrayana Buddhism. 

Drikug is known as Curved Knife. Vajra sealed curved flaying knife is known as the 'knife of the dakinis', and is held in the right hand of goddesses.

A unique piece made out of Labradorite Stone. Labradorite is considered as a spiritual stone and is helpful for people tend to over work. It helps individual regain energy while aiding the body and spirit in healing itself.

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Size:  2.25" by 2.25".