Amitabha Buddha Statue #6

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Amitabha Buddha Statue  #6

Potala Gate


Amitabha also known as Od-Pak-Med in Tibetan means Infinite Radiance (Od is light or radiance and Pakmed is infinite or boundless). Amitabha  is an archetypal Buddha who is supremely important in far eastern Buddhism. He represents love and compassion, and he is pictured as being the rich, warm color of the setting sun.

Amitabha is the head of the Lotus (padma) family. This family includes some of the most famous Buddhas and bodhisattvas, including Chenrezig, Padmasambhava, White Tara, and the historical Buddha Shakyamuni.

Amitabha is one of the so-called Dhyani-Buddhas, a set of five non-historical, symbolic figures who are arranged in a mandala. The other Buddhas in this set are Vairocana (center), Akshobhya (East), Ratnasambhava (South), and Amoghasiddhi (North).

Beautiful statue hand carved in Nepal.  Statue made out of copper and silver plate. Our statues are made by experienced artist in Patan, Nepal. They use the technique of lost wax method.

Size: 9" Tall by 6" wide approx

Mantra of Amitabha:

Oṃ Amideva Hrīḥ