Vajrasattva Statue Large #25

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Vajrasattva Statue Large #25

Potala Gate


Vajrasattva, Buddha of purification is practice in all of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism and are used both to purify obscurations so that one can progress beyond Ngondro practices to the various other practices and also to purify any broken samaya vows after initiation.  As such, Vajrasattva practice is an essential element of Tibetan Buddhist practice. Vajrasattva, the holy mind of all the buddhas, the dharmakaya, who out of his unbearable compassion, which embraces all sentient beings, appears in this form to purify. Vajrasattva holds a bell on his left hand and Vajra on the right. Vajrasattva is also known as Dorje Sempa in Tibetan.

Fine copper cast with gold-leaf face, gold detail on copper finish. Beautiful statue!

Size: appx 8" base x 13” tall.