Amitayus Buddha #14

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Amitayus Buddha #14

Potala Gate


Amitayus Buddha  statue, partial gold gilded, hand painted face with gold leaf. It is handmade with beautiful detail in Nepal.

Amitayus known as Tsepakme in Tibetan is the Buddha of Boundless Life, the protector of the subtle body, ensure spritual well-being, from which physical health naturally flows. Amitayus seated on the lotus throne holds in his hand the vase of immortal life. In Tantric Buddhism, Amitayus is the focal point of spiritual practices that conceive of the body as the vessel of enlightenment. The intricately conjured palace that surrounds his luminous form expresses the Realization of body and mind as the temple of liberation.  

Meditating on Amitayus radiant form confers long life and transcendent vision.

Beautiful statue hand carved in Nepal.  Statue made out of copper and silver plate. Our statues are made by experienced artist in Patan, Nepal. They use the technique of lost wax method.

Size of Statue9 X  6" wide approx.