Consecration substance for 6" Statues #1

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Consecration substance for 6" Statues #1

Potala Gate


Consecration substance for 8" statue available in various Buddha's. Comes with everything that is needed to fill the statue including Sokshing Stick. Please follow the instruction on how to fill it. It would be best if you have a teacher who does the filling.

1. Gugul: Burn like incense and simultaneously throw the Yonker to remove negativity.
2. Safron: Clean the statue inside with safron water. (make sure the face is cover to protect, no need to wash outside)
3. Place the Sok-Shing in the middle of Statue.

After all that than the filling begins. Use the Multi Color thread to wrap 1 thru 4 to the Sok-Shing in the order.
1. Head Mantra
2. Neck Mantra
3. Upper Body Mantra
4. Heart Mantra (add Amrita & Mani Rilbu)
5. Self Mantra (mantra of individual Buddha statue)
6. Sungchen Denga
7. Kuke
8. Kume - Part of Body
9. Thuksel is the correction mantra (can place anywhere)
10. Pad Sung Mantra
11. Consecration Powder can just fill all over.
12. Dosol, Monlam, Tashi Mantra
13. Auspicious Mandala
14. Ganesha Mandala (add Precious stone, can add if you've any other precious metal)
15. Male and Female
16. Double Dorje