Mandala Offering Set Copper Sm #7

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Mandala Offering Set Copper Sm  #7

Potala Gate

SKU: 45- KA265MAL

Copper Mandala Offering set: Mandala is use for offering, accumulating merit. One can fill the mandala with precious stone, color rice and anything that one feel precious can make those offering.

  Mandala offering is a preliminary practice in the Ngondro practice  for accumulating merit, in which one symbolically offers the entire universe to the field of Merit. Mandala offering set for offering in shrine or for accumulation of the Ngondro practice. In essence, mandala offering is described as offering to the universe. As it says in a Tantra:

Through offering to all the buddhas in their pure realms
The entire billionfold universe,
Adorned with all kinds of desirable gifts,
The wisdom of Buddhahood is perfected

The Mandala we carry are specially order and made just for our store. Great size for offering in an individual shrine or for ones accumulation of  mandala offering. of Ngondro practice.

Size: 4"diameter.