Beautiful Milarepa Statue

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Beautiful Milarepa Statue



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Milarepa: 1053-1135

When his father died, Milarepa was only seven years old. His relatives stole his father’s property, and Milarepa’s mother forced him to learn black magic to wreak revenge. Milarepa became adept at black magic and killed many people but, in time, he came to regret his actions and looked for a way to shed his bad karma. He was told to seek out Marpa the Translator. Marpa gave Milarepa a very hard apprenticeship. Finally, though, Marpa transmitted the precious Kagyu transmissions to Milarepa, who practiced them in isolated mountain retreats for many years, gained enlightenment, and became famous for his spiritual songs of realization.

Beautiful statue of Milarepa, made from oxidize copper with fine detail. Hand crafted by experience statue maker in Nepal!

Size: 7.75" tall X 7.3" wide

A Rare Find! Great Price!