Burl Wood Chod Drum #4

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Burl Wood Chod Drum #4 SALE


$560.00 $749.00
SKU: 650.00

Exquisite & exceptional Chod Drum made from Zab-Shing which translate to Burl wood. The skin of the damaru is made according to the tradition call "Tim-Pe" 

Burl Wood is a light weight and easy to play. Made according to the tradition and text.

Chod Drum comes with one of the best quality Silk Brocade with beautiful Yellow cover. In the middle of damaru it is adorned with beautiful hand carved Vajra and auspicious design on copper with gold plate and gemstone.  Chod drum has padded brocade for comfort and hand support while playing for long time.

Chod drum comes in few different size and please keep in mind that since it is handmade there might be some variation in each drum.

Exceptionally light and Beautifully made. LIMITED ITEM!