Chakrasamvara Statue

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Chakrasamvara Statue

Potala Gate


Chakrasamvara also known as Korlo Dompa in Tibetan. Chakra is the sanskrit word for Wheel and in Tibetan known as Korlo. Samvara translates as Collected together and also  known as Dompa in Tibetan.  

In one of Garchen Rinpoche's teaching: There are many different forms of Chakrasamvara appearing with different number of faces, hands, and number of surrounding retinues. In the Drikung Kagyu lineage, the most popular and common chakrasamvara deity practice is in the form of the Five-deity Chakrasamvara. The five deity Chakrasamvara includes the central deity of the two-armed, single-faced male Chakrasamvara deity in union with the female Vajravarahi deity(these two in union are taken as a single deity) and four surrounding dakinis in the four direction.

Beautiful statue of Chakrasamvara in fully electric gold plate.

Size: 5.75" tall X 4.5" wide