Chenrezig Statue

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Chenrezig Statue

Potala Gate


Statue of Chenrezig four arm, known as the  Buddha of great compassion. He  holds a jewel, mala and flower. Fine copper cast with gold-leaf face, nice detail.

Chenrezig or Avalokiteshvara, whose name means literally the "Lord who looks down in compassion". The Buddha of Infinite Compassion with a peaceful expression. The mantra of Chenrezig is one of the most powerful Mantra: Om Mani Pad Me Hung!

Meaning of the Mantra:

Om Pacifies the suffering of the transmigration that the Gods experience and makes them attain happiness.

Ma Pacifies the suffering caused by fight that Demi-Gods  perpetuate and makes them attain happiness.

Ni pacifies the suffering of serfdom and poverty that Human beings undergo and makes them attain happiness.

Pad pacifies the suffering of stupidity that Animals endure and makes them attain happiness.

Me pacifies the suffering of hunger and thirst that Hungry Ghost experience and makes them attain happiness. 

Hung pacifies the suffering of heat and cold that Hell beings perceive and makes them attain happiness.

Size: 9" tall x 6" wide approx