Ekajati Statue

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Ekajati Statue

Potala Gate


Ekajati is one of the most powerful and fierce protectors of Vajrayana Buddhist mythology. According to Tibetan legends, her right eye was pierced by the tantric master Padmasambhava so that she could much more effectively help him subjugate Tibetan demons.

Ekajati is also known as "Blue Tara", Vajra Tara or "Ugra Tara".  She is generally considered one of the three principal protectors of the Nyingma school along with Rahula and Dorjelekpa.

Often Ekajati appears as liberator in the Mandala of the Green Tara. Along with that, her ascribed powers are removing the fear of enemies, spreading joy, and removing personal hindrances on the path to enlightenment.

Size: 6" tall X 3.5" wide X 2" deep
Hand carved in Nepal. Made from Oxidized copper with silver plate.