Exquisite Bell & Dorje Set #12


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Beautiful Bell and Dorjee in Nine prong with amazing detail. Nine pronged Bell and Dorje are traditionally used in the Nyingma tradition. Each prong represents the nine Yana's. Bell and Dorje together symbolize the penetrating wisdom and compassion of the Heart Sutra.

The top part of the Bell and Dorjee is made out of Silver with Ruby, Emerald,Turquoise and Coral stone. Hand carved in Nepal by experience artist. 

Half part of the Bell that ring is made out of five different metal in India by Tibetan Refugees. Great sound and one of kind. 

Hand picked by Lama Jigme from Nepal for its Majestic quality, detail and sound.

Only one available.

Size of the Bell: 7.5" tall by 4.75" diameter

Size of Dorje: 4.5" tall by 1.5" diameter