Exquisite Mandala Set in Large #14


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Breathtaking beautiful Mandala set with ornate stone and great workmanship. Handmade in Nepal from Copper and Silver plate.  Mandala offering is a preliminary practice for accumulating merit, in which one symbolically offers the entire universe to the field of Merit. Mandala offering set for offering in shrine or for accumulation of the Ngondro practice. 

The word Mandala can be broken into two parts: maṇḍa means the 'essence' or 'centre and circumference' and la means 'taking hold of'. Therefore we can say that mandala means to take hold of the basis or essence for accomplishing all the glorious qualities of the higher realms and the kingdom of Dharma, the sacred truths of cessation and the path.

Great size for offering in an individual shrine or for a personal mandala offering. Size of the foundation stand is 8"diameter, Mandala Plate is 5" diameter and total height is 11"to 12” tall when stack up.

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