Gampopa Statue

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Gampopa Statue



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The “Physician from Dhagpo”, Gampopa, became a monk to fulfill his dying wife’s last wish. Aged 32, Gampopa overheard a conversation about Milarepa, and felt an overwhelming surge of devotion. Having already studied extensively with Kadampa teachers, he felt that Milarepa was surely his true teacher. After a gruelling journey in search of Milarepa he finally found him.

Gampopa was the student trusted to receive the full Kagyu transmission from Milarepa. In time, Gampopa founded the Daglha Gampo hermitage and attracted many disciples, who themselves became highly realised. Among his many students, Karmapa Dusum Khyenpa is the most important for the Karma Kagyu lineage.

Beautiful statue of Gampopa, hand crafted in Nepal with antique copper color.

Made from oxidize copper with fine detail. Hand crafted by experience statue maker.

Size: 8" tall X 7.3" wide

A Rare Find! Great Price!