Gampopa Statue

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Gampopa Statue

Potala Gate


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Gampopa was one of the Milarepa's most gifted students and his lineage heir. Predicted by the Buddha in the White Lotus Sutra of Compassion. Gampopa was born in 1079 and became an accomplished physician by the time he was 16 years old. Adopting the householder's life, he had a wife, son, and daughter, but within a few years all three had perished of an epidemic which Gampopa was unable to defeat, despite his skill in the medical arts. In consequence, his disillusionment with samsara grew so great that even before his wife's passing he vowed to become a monk.  In time, he was ordained at a Kadampa monastery where he absorbed all of Atisha's teachings.

One day, while walking in the monastery grounds, he came across three beggars, one of whom mentioned the name of the great yogi, Milarepa. Merely upon hearing Mila's name, Gampopa felt such devotion that he fainted. In due course, he offered the oldest of the beggars gold in exchange for guidance in seeking Milarepa's whereabouts.

This is a fine quality statue made form Oxidized Copper with Silver Plate. Hand made in Patan, Nepal by professional artist.

Height : 4.75"

Width: 3.60"

Depth: 2.5"