Green Jasper Mala #30

Potala Gate

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Dark Green Jasper Mala that looks amazing and feels powerful. Green Jasper is considered by many to be the most balanced type of Jasper. With shades of green that range from light green to the deepest olive, Green Jasper is thought to have the ability to connect the user to the earth, water and nature.

The primary Green Jasper meaning has a very balancing and calming effect that has led to its “Peace Love Crystal” nickname. Due to its ability to promote internal harmony and positivity, it’s a good stone to use for psychological and spiritual imbalances.

Green Jasper is known as a stone for emotional healing. As a crystal for anxieties and stresses to more complex and serious emotional and mental health issues, Green Jasper is a potent tool for restoring and maintaining emotional health.

This beautiful mala is hand strung in Nepal with a strong nylon thread and has 108 bead with Guru bead and a tassel.

Size of bead: 8.4mm

Size of Guru Bead: 13.5mm

Length: 17" long