Green Tara Flag #29

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Green Tara Flag #29 SALE


$10.00 $12.00

Green Tara flag comes with the mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha. Comes in a set of 10 flag with five different color. Generally Prayer Flags comes in the set of five colors – Blue, White, Red, Green & Yellow. The Five Colors represents the five elements and five different Lights. Blue symbolized Sky, White symbolized Wind, Red symbolized Fire, Green symbolized Water and Yellow symbolized Earth.

Tibetan Prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, harmony and good luck.  Traditionally Tibetans hang prayer flags high up in the mountains where the wind blows freely. Tibetans beleive that when the wind blows the prayers are carried out in the valley and spread good will and compassion into all pervading space.

Size of flag: 8 X 10"

Length of flag: 85" long