Guru Dorje Drolo Statue

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Guru Dorje Drolo Statue

Potala Gate


Guru Dorje Drolo is one of the eighth manifestation of Guru Rinpoche. Dorje Drolo is manifested in a wrathful form riding upon a pregnant Tigress. He assumed this manifestation in Paro Taksang in Bhutan in order to bring the local deities and guardians under his control.

At thirteen different places call Taksang, Tiger's Lair, Guru Rinpoche manifested in "the terrifying wrathful form of crazy wisdom" binding worldly spirits under oath to protect the terma treasures and serve the Dharma and in doing so came to known as Dorje Drolo "Wild Wrathful Vajra".

Fine carving of Dorje Drolo statue carved in the traditional lost wax method in oxidized copper and gold plate. 

Made in Patan, Nepal.

Size: 9.5" tall X 7.5"wide X 3.5"deep