Healing Prayer Flag #33

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Healing Prayer Flag #33 SALE


$10.00 $12.00

Healing Prayer Flag comes in a set of 7 flag.

Purple: I connect with Spirit. I invite Sacred Transformation. I Embrace the Unity of all Beings.

Blue: I Honor my Intuition. I Accept my Path. I am Healing, Body, Mind and Spirit.

Turquoise - I play in my imagination.  I create my reality.  I know and share my truth.

Green - I am loved.  I let love in.  I am kind to myself.  I live in peace and gratitude.

Yellow - I am courageous.  I am whole.  I stand in my power.

Orange - I feel my emotions and my pain.  I reawaken my passion.  I surrender to this moment.

Red - I am safe.  I trust more.  I fear less.  I am centered and grounded.

Size: 8" X 10"