Authentic Skull Mala #20

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Authentic Skull Mala #20

Potala Gate


A rare skull Mala made out of human skull.

Human Skull mala, prayer bead in disc shape. Tibetan skull prayer bead are traditionally made form 108 different skulls. Generally people make them out of one skull for convenience but ours are made according to the old traditions. 

Only few available. Made by experience practitioner in Asia. The purpose of Human Bone Mala is to pray, recite mantra and meditate on cutting through ego-clinging, selfishness, strong attachments and cultivating awareness of impermanence. Used properly, with the correct presence of mind, one can develop deep levels of compassion and loving-kindness towards oneself and others.

All our Skull Mala comes in a beautiful brocade Mala bag.

Bead Diameter: 17 to 18mm

Bead Thinkness: 4 to 7mm 

Length of Mala: 13" long approx.