Kadam Stupa

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Kadam Stupa



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Chorten which is a Tibetan word for Stupa  means "the basis of Offering". It is a symbol of Enlightened mind and the path to its realization. This is a Kadam Stupa or Kadam Chorten in Tibetan. Stupa can open on the bottom to fill consecration items. Hand made  in Nepal.

The sacredness of Kadam Chorten is emphasized by the stupa's form. The very heart mind of an enlightened presence is reflected in the shape of the Kadam stupa. In fact, all Tibetan stupas embody this presence. They are representations of Mt. Meru, the internal world system of all who strive towards enlightenment, and thus represent enlightenment itself. By extension, all stupas also embody the mandala, the palace at the top of Mt. Meru where the transcendent Buddhas reside. Thus, all stupas, including Kadam stupas, evoke the sacred space of enlightenment not only through consecration but through their form as well.

Size of the Stupa:

Height: 7.70" 

Width: 3.80" diameter.