Kangling #14

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Tibetan Kangling horn used in Tantric Buddhist Rituals. Made of a human thigh bone, the Tibetan word for kang = leg, ling = flute. It is a musical instrument with very special and magical qualities. It is blown like a trumpet for the invocation of Deities and Dakinis and to drive away demons. 

Kangling thigh bone: Genuine thigh bone/femur known as Kangling is use as ritual object in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. It is used mainly during the Chod practice along with Chod Drum. Mouthpiece has been filled with beeswax to create a great sound. Comes with brocade cover.

Kanglings come in many different qualities. This kind of quality is particularly difficult to find due to its beautiful finish and excellent sound. 

Size: 12.25" long

Comes with beautiful brocade cover.