Karma Happiness Incense

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Karma Happiness Incense

Potala Gate


Karma Happiness Incense:

It is blend of hundred aromatic substances such as Himalayan medicinal herbs which includes clove, nutmeg, saffron, red and white sandalwood, minerals like gold and silver including holy water from novel place of Nepal & India.

Experience ultimate relaxation and tranquility with Karma Happiness Incense. Made by skilled Tibetan makers, this popular incense features a clear Indian sandalwood scent that will leave your space feeling rejuvenated. Unlike other Tibetan incense, it won't leave behind a smoky residue. Elevate your daily self-care routine with Karma Happiness Incense. Very aromatic, with a clear Indian sandalwood scent. One of the latest, most popular incense coming out of Tibetan incense. Unlike many other Tibetan incense, this does not leave a smoky heaviness in the room afterwards.

Made by Mr. Karma la who is originally from Bhutan and lives in Nepal. He and his family makes a range of different incense as well as Buddhist related items. Karma Happiness incense is one of the best in his collection of Incense. We knew Karma la for very long time and is a great individual and devoted pratitioner.

  • 31 sticks
  • 8.5" long