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Khatvannga symbolises ultimate bodhichitta as the union of great bliss and emptiness. This is a beautiful collector item hand made with great care with mercury gold plate. This is the Khatvanga of Guru Padmasambhava with amazing detail and craftsmanship. Only one available!

The khatvanga is a particular divine attribute of Padmasambhava and intrinsic to his iconographic representation. It is a rod with three severed heads denoting the three kayas (the three bodies of a Buddha, the dharmakaya, sambhogakaya, and nirmanakaya), crowned by a Trishula, and dressed with a sash of the Himalayan Rainbow or Five pure lights of the Mahabhuta. The iconography is utilized in various Tantric cycles by practitioners as symbols to hidden meanings in transmitted practices. 

Size: 41" tall