Kurukulle Dakini Statue

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Kurukulle Dakini Statue

Potala Gate


Kurukulle is a female deity of the Lotus family associated with the activity of magnetization or enchantment. She is usually depicted as red in color, in dancing posture and holding a flowery bow and arrow. She is also one of the twenty one Taras mentioned in the ancient Tara tantras.

Kurukulla is a goddess whose body is usually dpicted in red with four arms, holding a bow and arrow made of flowers in one and a hook and noose of flowers in the other. She dances in a dakini pose and crushes the asura rahu. According to Hindu astrology, Rahu is a snake with a demon head who represents the ascending lunar node.

The essential mantra of Kurukullā is Oṁ Kurukulle Hrīḥ Svāhā 

Size: 6" tall X 4" wide X 2" deep

Hand carved in Nepal. Made from Oxidized copper with silver plate. Beautiful detail.