Lion Face Dakini Statue

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Lion Face Dakini Statue

Potala Gate


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Lion Face Dakini known as Sim-Ha-Muka or Seng-Dongma in Tibetan is a wisdom Dakini in the Dzogchen tradition. She is represented as a fierce dakini with the head of a snow lion. Her mouth is depicted with a roar, symbolizing untamed fury and jubilant laughter. Her roar disperses discursive thoughts. She is naked, symbolizing that she herself is completely free of discursive thoughts.

Simhamukha, the Lion-faced Dakini of Timeless Awareness represents the wisdom that enables one to clear away the negativity of one's own mind.

Size: 6" tall X 3.5" wide X 2" deep
Hand carved in Nepal. Made from Oxidized copper with silver plate.