Lion Face Dakini Thangka#9

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Lion Face Dakini Thangka#9



The lion faced dakini is also known as Sengdongma in Tibetan is appropriate for clearing obstacles of the most pervasive and malignant kind and cutting through the "three poisons" of mind. This ancient practice has been important in Tibetan Buddhism since the time of Padmasambhava. 

She is particularly focused on pacifying the destructive influence of the Mamos, the forces of disturbed “yin” or feminine demonic energies. The wanton destruction of the environment and degradation of human culture greatly stirs up and enrages these elemental forces. They retaliate with disease, epidemics, weather disturbances and calamaties on a major scale. This practice is one of the great antidotes for this critical time of the “five degenerations.” As a wrathful dakini, the Lion-Faced Dakini is also one of the Phramenma, a group of female deities from the Bardo Thodol, or ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’.

This is a beautiful and detail hand painted Thangka of Lion Face Dakini. It comes with the wood on the bottom with dowel on both side.

Size of Thangka with Silk Brocade: 30" X 47"

Size of the Canvas: 18" X 24