Manjushri Statue

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Manjushri is known as the buddha of knowledge and wisdom. The Mantra of Manjushri is: OM AH RA PA TSA NA DHIH!This Manjushri mantra, which includes between Om and Dhih the names of 5 letters, is believed to enhance learning and the skills or, wisdoms, of explaining, debating, writing, memory, and so on.

According to one Manjushri sadhana, we repeat the "Dhih" as often as possible in the one, same breath while visualizing a golden-orange Dhih on our tongue from which millions of other Dhihs spring, to be swallowed and fill the body purifying all negative energy and stains, especially the shadow of ignorance. There are physical and subtle-body benefits to this, too. Manjushri is also known as Jamphel Yang in Tibetan.

Beautiful statue hand made in Nepal in the tradition of lost wax method.  Copper with gold plate and gold leaf on the face. 

Size: 6" tall.

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