Medicine Buddha

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Medicine Buddha

Potala Gate


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Medicine Buddha who is known as the great healer. According to Tibetan tradition, the Buddha emanated as Bhaishajyaguru, the "master of remedies," thousand of years ago. He established the Tibetan medical tradition in the form of text known as The Four Tantras of Secret Instructions on the Eight Branches of the Essence of Immortality commonly referred as Gyu-Shie in Tibetan. 

Medicine Buddha holds on his right hand sprig of arura/ myrobalan from which much of the Tibetan medicine is compounded. It is known as a healing plant, relieving all suffering from mental and physical illness. His hand faces outward, symbolizing his bestowal of boons. In his left hand he holds a bowl containing three forms of ambrosia.

Medicine Buddha is also known as Sangyay Menla in Tibetan. This beautiful statue of Medicine buddha is hand made in Nepal from copper and gold plate.

Size of Statue: 8.25" tall x 5.5"wide.