Marpa, Mila & Gampopa Statue Set

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Marpa, Mila & Gampopa Statue Set SALE


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Marpa, Milarepa & Gampopa, the founders of Kagyu lineage in Tibet.

  • Naropa transmitted his knowledge to Marpa, the great translator who journeyed from Tibet to India in order to receive instructions and who subsequently returned to Tibet and spread the teachings of the Dharma.
  • Marpa's student Milarepa became one of the Tibet's great yogis. Through perseverance in the practice of Mahamudra and the Six Yogas of Naropa, he achieved profound realization of the ultimate nature of reality.
  • Milarepa's transmission was carried on by Gampopa, the physician from Dagpo. He studied the Kadampa traditions, which is a gradual path that includes what is called the Lam Rim teachings. He also met Milarepa, and attained realization of ultimate reality under his guidance. He established monastic institutions, taught extensively and attracted many students.

These three gurus are few of the main founder of the Kagyu lineage.

Beautiful statue made from oxidize copper with fine detail. Hand crafted by experience statue maker.

Size of Milarepa: 7.75" tall X 7" wide

Size of Marpa:  7.75" tall X 7.30" wide

Size of Gampopa: 8" tall X 7.3" wide.

Amazing detail, hand crafted in Nepal and great price.