Milarepa Statue

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Milarepa Statue

Potala Gate


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Beautiful statue of Milarepa in fine quality oxidized Copper alloy with silver plated made by the professional artist of Patan, Nepal.

Milarepa, one of the greatest yogis of our time and a spiritual poet who achieved enlightenment in one lifetime. He was a student of Marpa Lotsawa , and a major figure in the history of Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Milarepa  spent over six years studying with Marpa, who made Mila build the famous nine-story tower as part of his journey on the path. At the end, he received the abhisheka of Chakrasamvara from Marpa during which he received the secret name, Shepa Dorje, which means “Laughing Vajra.” Marpa also conferred on Milarepa the full transmissions, instructions, and abhishekas of Tantra, as well as the lineage of Mahamudra – all that Marpa had received from Indian mahasiddhas Naropa and Maitripa.
Milarepa is widely regarded as Tibet’s greatest yogi, famous for his strict mountain retreats, beautiful songs of realization, and devotion to his teacher, Marpa Lotsawa.

Size: 4.5" tall X 3.75" wide X 2.70 depth.