Mindroling Dang Song Lung Duk

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Mindroling Dang Song Lung Duk

Potala Gate

SKU: Light Brown Small

Dang Song Lung Duk which translate to Monk/Sage healing incense is a incense made by Mindroling Monastery in Tibet. Mindroling makes a wide range of fine quality Tibetan Incense. This particular incense is for healing and relaxation. It can help ease your mind and calm one's anxiety. 

The wonderful scent can help ward off negative energies and bring positive spirit in.

Mindroling is the largest Nyingmapa Mondastery in the Lhonk area of Tibet. This incense has been prepared according to the recipe of the great master terchen Rigain Gyume Dorje. It has a very special fragrance and it is widely used to make offerings to the Buddha's. It contains many precious substance utilized in the Tibetan medical tradition.

Comes in a beautiful Light Brown Cylinder/ Tube

Size of the Tube: 7. 5"

Size of Incense stick: 6.7"

Around 45 to 50 sticks